Products do not save in PS 1.6

Save and Stay button in Prestashop 1.6.0

The “Save and stay” button does not work in product detail in various subversions of Prestashop This problems first appeared with Chrome some time ago. But the button was more or less operational in Firefox – until the March 2019 Firefox update.

There is a nice and easy to install module attempting to resolve the issue. Unfortunately this solution is not 100% reliable. Some customers were greatly satisfied with the module, some reported the problem as still unsolved, even when advised to clear the browser cache.

Thus, the only reliable solution is to upgrade the prestashop version. You may decide for the “big” upgrade to PS 1.7 or for the much easier upgrade to PS 1.6.1. Yes, that is righ, any subversion of PS 1.6.1.X is sufficient, but you will certainly use the last one. let us assume prestashop

Can you keep your customized PS 1.6.0.x default theme when upgrading to latest PS subversion? The answer is yes, with due precautions. These are issues we are aware:

  • Contact form – the contact form in in PS get some extra hidden fields and will not work after upgrade. Get the PS zip file, unpack and replace \themes\default-bootstrap\contact-form.tpl with the same file from the unpacked zip
  • Product page. Check product with combination and special prices. It it does not work properly (the prices do not change as expected), you need to replace both \themes\default-bootstrap\product.tpl and \ themes\default-bootstrap\js\product.js . Do not forget to clear the browser cache

Warning – upgrading Prestashop without upgrading the theme is always risky. On the other hand, I am aware of many shops undergoing such kind of speed upgrade without any several errors.

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